Construction Updates

Updated 5/31/23:

The inside is so beautiful now. Our bar is done. Jim is finishing our beautiful trim. Denise is working hard to touch up all the painting. We have some great help with Todd and Cory who have helped finish the construction and wrap up all those final projects that were needed for us to open. We are hooking up appliances and then we just need to get all the inspections done and we will open the front of our building.

We are already underway on the second Phase of the building - our event area.The Bar and Kitchen and Gaming Area are done. The outside of our building is greatly improved. We have added a new side exit and a serving window into our future patio area. We have improved the building to be an asset to our community for another 100 years. New water lines, new sewer lines, new wiring. It is a whole new place. Jawaski helped us with our beautiful new signs on the building. Brad with Nordick did a fabulous job on all our new updated electric. (Check out our cell phone plugs at the bar and seating areas for our customers convenience.) Jim Marohl and Kevin Shannon did amazing work on our beautiful double barrel bar.

We've had a lot of great help getting our first Phase of Construction completed. We have some great contractors in our town. Thanks Todd, Cory, AJ, Denise, Dean, Dave, ... ok so many to name. 😊

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